Welcome to Murray Valley Pet Resort where we know your pet will enjoy their stay. There are however a few Terms and Conditions that both pets and owners must meet, to be allowed to board here.

Boarding Contract

Terms & Conditions

  • All guests must be a minimum of 4 months old and must have up to date vaccinations covering the pet’s entire planned stay. A minimum of C3 + Kennel Cough for dogs (preferably C5), and minimum of F3 for cats. Previously unvaccinated animals must have all vaccinations completed a minimum 14 days prior to arrival.

  • All pets must have regular worming/flea treatments. If fleas or worms are found on your pet they will be treated without notice and the cost added to your booking. Currently $20 per treatment

  • All cats must be desexed.

  • Pets must be dropped off and picked up within our opening hours  which are currently 8-11am and 3-5pm. Any out of hour’s pick-ups or drop-offs are at the discretion of Murray Valley Pet Resort. Charges may apply.

  • MVPR supplies all pet food, bedding and toys. Any food sent with your pet will need to be packaged in a bulk reusable container clearly labeled with the pet’s name and the date it is to be used. Twice daily feeding or own foods may attract a daily surcharge.

  • Under no circumstances will MVPR or any of its employees be held responsible for any pets personal items lost, destroyed or left behind on these premises such as toys, bedding, collars, etc. We recommend all personal belongings be clearly labeled with your pets name to avoid confusion.

  • MVPR is not responsible for your pets coat whilst staying at our facility. This includes matting, knotting, smell etc. Owners concerned with their pets coat should arrange with the reception for external/additional grooming as part of their pets stay, on a fee for service basis.

  • Under no circumstances will MVPR, or any of its employees be responsible for paralysis tick, canine influenza, cat flu, snake bite, injury, sickness, death, loss or damage of any kind whatsoever that may occur to any animal staying at or being transported by Murray Valley Pet Resort or its employees. If your pet has been sick, injured or unwell in the last few months leading up to their stay with, it is important that you let staff know, so that we can monitor them more thoroughly during their stay.

  • Aggressive behaviour towards people or other animals will not be tolerated, and you may be asked to remove your pet if such aggression is displayed.

  • MVPR has the right to refuse admission of any animal.

  • All pets staying at MVPR may be photographed for social media and advertising purposes.

  • I acknowledge that it is the policy of MVPR to allow dogs under their care to exercise outside and within common exercise areas along with another dog or dogs of a compatible nature. I consent to my dog(s) being exercised with other dogs, and indemnify Murray Valley Pet Resort against any suit or claim arising from any loss or injury to my dog(s) whilst being so exercised. 

  • I understand that while every care will be given to my pet(s), they are boarded entirely at my own risk.



  • Rates are charged “per calendar day” regardless of time of arrival or departure.

  • Rates for dog rooms are based on shared accommodation.

  • Rates for cat suites are based on solo accommodation. 

  • All rates and charges are subject to change without notice.

  • Full payment must be made no later than the day of departure including any additional charges incurred.

  • All bookings over $1000 require a 50% deposit at time of check-in unless previously arranged with management.

  • A $100.00 per pet booking fee is required for Xmas holiday bookings, and a $50 per pet booking fee is required for Easter holiday bookings. These fees are payable at time of booking and are refundable and transferable up until 90 days prior to your pets stay.

  • Christmas and Easter stay charges are to be fully paid for at time of check-in.


  • For bookings not in “peak periods” refunds and transfers are given at managements discretion.

  • For “peak periods” bookings including Xmas, school holidays and Easter, no refunds or transfers will be given if booking is cancelled within 90 days of check-in date. All monies paid will be forfeited. 

  • Peak period stays cancelled before 90 days of check-in date will receive a full refund minus a $50.00 administration fee.

  • No refunds or credits are given for early peak period holiday returns.



If  it’s not an emergency, we will:


  • Try to contact you on the contact numbers/email that you have left to seek your advice.

  • Should we be unable to contact you, we will call your nominated vet and make a decision in the best interest for your pet, acting within the terms of the boarding contract.

  • If your vet isn’t contactable or not within ½ hrs drive of Murray Valley Pet Resort, your pet will be taken to the vet of our choice (currently Melrose Animal Hospital or Rutherglen Vet Clinic)


In case of an emergency, we will:


  • If time permits and it is the best interest of your pet, take them to your nominated vet 

  • If time critical and we deem it in the best interest of your pet, take them to Melrose Animal Hospital or Rutherglen Vet Clinic


All vet bills are required to be paid by the pet’s owner, unless other arrangements have been made with management.

A transport fee, plus time spent at the vets will be charged for all vet visits. (Currently $85.00).

It is at the discretion of Murray Valley Pet Resort to have the vet come to the resort to treat your pet, with vet travel to be paid by the pet’s owner. 



  • All medications must be in original packaging accompanied by your Vets instructional label.

  • Medications are charged at $2 per day per medication., per dosage

  • Injections will be charged at $5.00 per day

  • Pets that have “special needs” will be charge and extra $5-$10 per day depending on circumstances.


I acknowledge that I have read, understood and am bound by the conditions of this boarding contract, and by signing these Terms & Conditions and leaving my pet with Murray Valley Pet Resort, I certify to the accuracy of all information given about them. 

I also acknowledge that the signing of this contract shall create a lien over my pet in favour of Murray Valley Pet Resort. This lien will exist for so long as moneys are owing, pursuant to this contract, as per Section 64 of the Domestic Animals Act 1994.