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Have your pet bathed and blow dried while they stay with us. We offer a range of in-house grooming services for your convenience as well as your pets health, happiness and personal hygiene

How is your dog’s teeth/mouth hygiene? Regular brushing can prevent build up of tarter and gum disease. Service available now with grooming. 

Our range of services include:

1. Bath & Turbo Dry *

Includes: Nail trim and ear clean

Small $40-$50
Medium $50-$60
XLge $70-$80

2. Hygiene Trim *

Includes: Bath & turbo dry, nail trim, ear clean, bottom & snout trim. 

Small $55-$65

Medium $64-$75

Large/XLge $85-$95

3. The Works! Full Clip, Bath & Turbo Dry *

Includes: Nails clip & ear clean

Small/Med: $75-$80
Med/Large: $85-$95
Lge/XLge: $100-$115

4. Nail Trim Only

Includes: A nice big cuddle 😁
Sorry, only dogs. We don't do cats.

All dogs: $15

5. Double Coat De-shedding

All heavy double coasted breeds (eg: Husky, Newfoundland, Maremma) average 2.5hrs




  • * "oodles" incur an extra $10 charge.

  • * Prices may change subject to dog breed and coat condition.

  • All products used are natural Australian owned Petway Petcare products and Progroom products. We have a range of shampoos and the appropriate one will be used depending on your dogs needs and/or the owners requirements. Eg: flea treatment, sensitive skin, whitening, de-shedding etc.  

  • We also provide flea treatments for an additional $5 upon request. 

Book in at drop off or add it to your request when booking online. 

Happy! Healthy! Fun!

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