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Our small boutique facility includes:

  • 22 x large rooms (1.5 x 2 x 3mtr)

  • 4 x extra large rooms for families and larger dogs (3 x 2 x 3mtrs)

  • Underfloor heating for winter

  • Air conditioning for summer

  • Epoxy coated flooring

  • Safe and secure external double brick

  • Fresh healthy homemade meals prepared and served daily

  • Twice daily outside run and playtime in one of our 11 safe and secure real grassed yards

  • All rooms vacuumed and mopped daily with ECO friendly disinfectants, plus all bedding refreshed twice daily and replaced if needed

  • One on one time spent with new guests to help them adjust to new surroundings and help ease separation anxiety

  • 11am - 3pm nap time after lunch and before afternoon playtime

  • All guests receive a treat on return to their rooms after morning and afternoon play times

  • Families room together unless specified by owner



Current vaccination paperwork must be shown at check in or sent to us prior. 

All pets must be up to date with their vaccinations; that is all pets must have received a vaccination in the last 12 months. We insist on at least a C5 for our canine companions.

A C5 vaccination covers - Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluinza and Bordatella.

If vaccinations require boosting or updating they must have been done at least 2 weeks prior to admission.

If you have any questions regarding your pets vaccination please contact your Veterinarian prior to making a booking as unvaccinated pets cannot be accepted.




See our rates page for our current price list. 


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Disclaimer: Please note all pets and owners that use and stay at Murray Valley Pet Resort are bound by our Terms and Conditions. 

Dog Vaccinations
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