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Why do you close between 11am and 3pm?


We have carefully chosen our opening hours to allow a rest period for our guests in the middle of the day – the entire Resort and Reception are closed between 11am -3pm. This allows all guests to rest after lunch with no disruption. There is strictly no checking in/out during this time.


Do you supply food?


Yes! We prepare a fresh home cooked meal daily, served warm for comfort and easy digestion as well as a light afternoon snack.


This is my pets first time away from home, will he/she be ok?


We recognise that some of our first time guests will be very anxious and nervous when they arrive. For this reason we make sure that we spend one on one time with them to help ease the separation anxiety, and to make sure that they settle in as quickly as possible. We find that within 12-24 hrs they are happy and content and it’s not long before they become part of our big happy family.


When is the best time to drop off my pet?


First time visitors are best dropped off at about 9.30-10.00 am so that they can spend the day relaxing and getting familiar with their new surroundings. If needed, it also allows us to spend time with them to alleviate any separation anxiety that some may suffer, be they new to our facility or old hands. This way they are settled in for a fun afternoon of playtime and a peaceful first night’s sleep.


For those pets that love coming to stay with us and have been acquainted with the boarding experience- it does not matter what time they join us, but we recommend morning dropoffs as this allows time to settle in before their first night.


What will my pet do all day?


Murray Valley Pet Resort is a very busy place and often your pet will receive much more stimulation and interaction than they would at home where ‘Mum and Dad’ can often work 8 hours a day. All the our canine guests are exercised at least 2 times a day in our large secure play yards. Dogs love to have a run and romp in the exercise yards and of course they can see the guests in adjoining yards, so they will often run along the fences ‘talking’ to each other! If your pet is a social butterfly and is from a single dog family – then you may want to ask us to find them a compatible friend to play with! Staff at Murray Valley Pet Resort work hard to socialise our guests as after all they are "pack animals" and they love to be part of a group. If you prefer for your dog not to socialise during their stay please let us know on arrival.


Remember, no matter how long your pet stays with us, dogs don’t have a sense of time and can actually lose track of the days and just enjoy themselves!

My pet has never been away from home before, will it be alright?


Staff at Murray Valley Pet Resort try hard to make your dogs stay an enjoyable one! We think that the large majority of pets actually enjoy their boarding experience as most dogs have human company 7 days a week but rarely socialise with others of their kind. Rooming together and enjoying playtimes with others are a very high priority for our canine guests as this allows them to act and behave like part of "the family!". Cats on the other hand are normally just content to laze around and snuggle into their warm beds, but for those cats that enjoy the outdoors, we are able to let them roam and explore our safe and secure outdoor play area at various times during the day. 


Can we bring bedding?


Yes. You may bring whatever you think your pet might need to help them settle in. However if your pet is not particularly attached to the item there is no real benefit for them having it here. We provide everything your pet will need during their stay. If you do wish to bring bedding please keep it minimal, as everything in your pets room needs to be lifted and placed up high for daily cleaning. It must also be able to fit into a standard washing machine if it becomes dirty and requires cleaning.


Please remember we care for a large number of pets and if everybody brings their own beds and blankets it can get a little tricky to keep track of – especially if it has to be laundered! We recommend that any item that you do bring along with your pet be permanently and clearly labeled with your pets name and surname (just like kids going to school!) so it doesn’t risk becoming lost property or end up in someone else's room!


Please note: whilst all care is taken with your pets belongings, we do not accept liability for loss or damage, and cannot guarantee return of any items.


Do they sleep inside?


Yes! Our facility is double brick and all doors are closed and locked for added security. Our underfloor heating for winter and air conditioning for summer ensures a good nights sleep, and our 24/7 onsite management are only 50 metres away.


Will our pets mix with others?


We encourage socialisation of our guests, but only if we have arranged with you prior as we do encourage guests to mingle at afternoon play, but only under our strict supervision. We find that the dogs love this opportunity to interact and socialise with others dogs and recommend it to all our customers. Be assured that we only socialise like with like breeds and would never put your pet in an uncomfortable situation.


Do our pets have to be vaccinated?


Yes. Guests cannot be admitted to our facility unless their vaccinations are current. Current vaccination paperwork must be sited at check in or sent to us prior. 


All pets must be up to date with vaccinations; that is all pets must have received a vaccination in the last 12 months. We insist on at least a C5 for our dog guests and a minimum of an F3 for our cat guests.


Dogs C5 vaccination covers Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluinza and Bordatella.


Cats F3 vaccination includes Feline enteritis and 2 forms of feline respiratory disease.


If you have any questions regarding your pets vaccination please contact your Veterinarian prior to making a booking as unfortunately unvaccinated pets cannot be accepted.


What if my pet is on medication?


We guarantee that all medications provided will be administered as per your veterinary instructions. We do keep accurate record on each pets file and also a separate "daily" medications register. However please note ‘special’ care pets may attract a surcharge. Check out our rates page for details 


What if my pet needs to go the vet?


We pride ourselves on spending quality time with your pets, and just as you would, if you noticed any untoward behavior or the unlikely event of an injury, we will seek medical assistance straight away. We will always try to make contact with you or your nominated person, and if time and distance allow, we will use your own veterinarian. For this reason please ensure that we have updated phone, email and emergency contact details. Please note there is a charge for vet travel


What will it cost for my pet to stay at Murray Valley Pet Resort?


Please refer to our Rates pages for current prices. 

Dog Rates

Cat Rates

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